Monday, 1 August 2016

Turning Weld Symbols off in Advance Steel Drawing Styles

Using the Advance Steel Drawing Style Manager, Drawing Styles can be customized so that details are generated to the User's company standards. In certain scenarios, it may be required that Weld Symbols are suppressed on detail drawings. An example of a drawing type that would not usually require Weld Symbols would be on a 3D View.

As there are many scenarios where Weld Symbols can either be turned off or on, Advance Steel can control the display of these symbols in each View in each Drawing Style. This means that a Front View may have Weld Symbols Suppressed while the Section or Side View may have Weld Symbols displayed in the same detail.

For detailed instructions on how to suppress Weld Symbols in different Views in different Drawing Styles, please follow the link below.

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