Friday, 7 March 2014

CADWorx 2014 SP1 Hotfix

Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions has recently released a Hotfix Patch for CADWorx 2014, Service Pack 1 (SP1).    

If you are running CADWorx 2014, we encourage you to install CADWorx 2014 SP1.

Users current with their Maintenance Contract can download this Hotfix from the Intergraph Smart Support website, by using the link below. 

Intergraph Smart Support

Please contact for further information.

Monday, 3 March 2014

PV Fabricator Trial Version

Included with the release of PV Elite 2014 is a 90 Day, fully functional, Trial version of Intergraph PV Fabricator 2014. Intergraph PV Fabricator has advanced tools for the accurate and speedy production of pressure vessel fabrication details and deliverables. With the ability to import and export models to and from Intergraph PV Elite, PV Fabricator greatly improves the workflow between engineers and designers, increasing productivity and reducing the amount of re-work and errors that can cause costly overruns and penalties.

PV Fabricator also contains powerful modeling capabilities as well as links to Intergraph PV Elite and Intergraph CADWorx Plant Professional. Intergraph PV Fabricator 2014 ships with utilities allowing for ease of customization and fast and accurate generation of Fabrication Drawings, intelligent Bills of Material, Nozzle Schedules and Tube Sheet Details.

 For more information on Intergraph PV Fabricator 2014, please follow the link below.

To install the Intergraph PV Fabricator 2014 Trial Version, please insert the Intergraph PV Elite 2014 installation and run the PV Fabricator Demo “Setup.exe” file in the directory below.

For more information please contact