Monday, 27 November 2017

CADWorx Tip: Adding Orifice Taps

Enhanced catalog data is often overlooked as providing purely a different visual representation.

With the Orifice Tap information added to the catalog data table

New "+" grips become available that were previously not visible. These are available in regular 3D solids representation mode also.

The entire flange can either be rotated to correctly position the orifice tap placement, or the appropriate fittings can be applied to the tap locations.

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

BricsCAD 18 Released

The world’s best CAD system just got better with the release of BricsCAD V18.
Bricsys represents the future of the .dwg format, with comprehensive workflows for general design, mechanical design and BIM. Here’s the best part - all of these workflows are available in one product, based on .dwg - the industry standard file format. More importantly, we’re extending the .dwg format with the first fundamental change in .dwg technology in 35 years. Today, this repository-based design enables blazingly fast drawing compares with a unique visual merge feature.

The simplified user interface - including the new Manipulator Widget - will save you precious minutes each hour. In BricsCAD V18, you can access your drawing metadata simply with the improved Drawing Explorer and the new Content Browser, Layout Manager and Structure Panel.

More information from the link below.

Friday, 17 November 2017

CADWorx 2018 Released

The Popular DWG based Plant Design Suite that includes CADWorx Structure, CADWorx Design Review, CADWorx Equipment and CADWorx P&ID (basic) has been released recently.

All companies / users that are current with Maintenance, should have already received their updates. For more information please contact

CADWorx Plant 2018 Key Software Enhancements
  • AutoCAD 2018 Compatibilty
  • BricsCAD V18 Compatibility
  • Caesar 2018 Compatibility
  • Added the ability to adjust the placement of a half coupling when placed on a pipe. The software now contains the stubIn, stubOn, and Manual placement options when you place a half coupling with any insertion option.
  • Enhanced Detect Steel when placing pipe supports. Now, when you place a pipe support above a concrete object created in CADWorx Structure, the software detects the concrete object.
  • New REPLACECOMPS Command to replace components already modelled. Alternatively the new grips can be used to change components from a list of compatible components.

  • New Vertical option added to pipe support insertion. When a pipe support is placed on a sloped pipe, the vertical option can be selected to vertically attach to a structure.