Monday, 26 May 2014

Creating Custom 3D Pipe Supports and Adding them to the CADWorx Specification Editor

Two weeks ago we covered Creating standard CADWorx 3D Pipe Support Assemblies and adding them to a CADWorx Specification. There may come a time however, when there is a Support Shape that cannot be created using the standard CADWorx Support Component types. 

For this very reason, CADWorx Plant Professional also has the ability to insert an AutoCAD Solid Support shape into a CADWorx Specification. This allows the User to insert a User Customized Support into the 3D Model containing all the intelligence of a standard CADWorx Plant 3D Pipe Support. 

For instructions on how to create an Intelligent Custom 3D Pipe Support using the CADWorx Plant Professional 2014 Specification Editor, please click on the link below.

Adding Custom Pipe Supports to the CADWorx Specification Editor.pdf

Should you have any questions regarding this, please contact


  1. Any ideea to add custom fields in component long description?

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