Monday, 26 January 2015

How to Create and Import Backups of Isogen Projects and Styles

Often, to ensure that work is not lost through File Corruption or System Crashes, backups need to be created of most files. Isogen Project Directories or Files can also be backed up, to ensure all set Isogen Configurations are saved to a location and can be restored if need be.

Isogen I Configure has the ability to create backups of Isogen Projects/Styles to ensure that time spent on configuring Isogen Projects/Styles are not lost to a "PC or File Apocalypse". 

The same method can also be useful for sharing Isogen Projects or Styles between workstations that are not linked to the same Network, as well as sending Isogen Styles to a Technical Support Consultant. This can be useful when Technical Support Consultants require your Isogen Projects/Styles to reproduce an error or review the current setting in an End User's Isogen Style.

Below is a link to PDF that contains step by step instructions on how to backup Isogen Styles as well as restore the created backups.

How to Create and Import Backups of Isogen Projects & Styles

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Autodesk Discontinues Subscription Upgrade Options

As of the 23rd of January 2015, Autodesk are Discontinuing Subscription Upgrade options. This means that upgrading an older version Autodesk Software Solution, will be removed from the Pricelist and will no longer be available to existing customers. As a result should your Autodesk Software Subscription expire and the need to upgrade to the latest version arise, instead of being able to upgrade for a lower price, an entirely new license will need to be purchased.

Advance Steel & Advance Concrete Subscription Upgrade Promotions
To assist customers in upgrading their Advance Steel & Advance Concrete Subscriptions, a limited Special Offer is available for upgrading these Subscriptions. A Legacy (Older) Version of Advance Steel and Advance Concrete can be upgraded to the latest version for 50% of the new license price. 

An “Advance Steel with Advance CAD Bundle” or an “Advance Steel without AutoCAD Bundle” can also be upgraded to an “Advance Steel with AutoCAD Bundle” at 50% of the usual upgrade price. Please note for both these options a further 12 months Autodesk Subscription will be included in the price. 

These Special Offers are limited until the 23rd January 2015.

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