Monday, 29 June 2015

New Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger Design Technology

Chempute Software are excited to be able to offer our customers new Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger analysis and design capability in an additional software package from Intergraph called Visual Vessel Design (VVD).

Visual Vessel Design is a comprehensive pressure vessel, shell and Tube Exchanger, and Boiler design and analysis software with a strong emphasis on European codes and standards including EN13480, EN13445, PD5500, TBK2, TKN and most importantly AD 2000 Merkblatt.

Visual Vessel Design also includes the sophisticated flange design methods from EN1591 and EN13445 Annex. This enables users to easily design both standard and non-standard flanges that can take into account external loading and the effect of thermal expansion. This method also determines the flange rotation, deflection, and calculates the minimum required bolting torque.

For a limited time we are offering our current PVElite customers, who wish to enhance their design capability, VVD for a special discounted price. This will give customers two packages and a choice of capability when approaching design; PVElite focusing on mainly ASME Codes like ASME Section VIII Division 1 and 2, or VVD for designs focusing on Europeans Codes and when designing complicated flanges.

Please contact for additional information.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Advance Steel 2016 released.

Advance Steel Premium version 2016 was released during April this year. A large amount of development has gone into this new version with a host of new features and functionality.

Overall summary:
  • AutoCAD 2016 compliancy
  • Countryfication for US & AUS/NZ
  • User interface
  • Modelling improvements
  • Scalability & Performance
  • Welds
  • Numbering
  • Detailing improvements
  • Exchange formats

Local content (Australia / New Zealand - English AUS):
  • Updated global defaults
  • New flat sections and mapping
  • Drawing styles regrouped by categories

New ready-to-use templates for:
  • Shop drawings
  • General arrangement drawings
  • New connection library defaults

Local content (United States - English US):
  • Updated defaults
  • New AISC & CISC sections
  • Improved & new BOM templates
  • Drawing styles regrouped by categories
  • New general arrangement drawing presentations
  • Better dimensions & labels

Enhanced User Interface:
  • New icon standard
  • Corresponding to Autodesk standard
  • User Interface & tool palette
  • Connection vault
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Looks like tool palette
  • Split in three categories
  • Drawing styles
  • Drawing process
  • BOM templates
  • Magnetism to connect palettes
  • Double click to open & close palettes

Scalability & Performance:
  • New work area concept
  • Display selected elements
  • User-defined work area
  • Outside objects displayed with lower LOD
  • Default for small elements

Model views display enhanced performances:
  • New modelling tools
  • Continuous beam creation
  • Beam creation continuous command
  • Column creation continuous command
  • Multi-edit modification once Esc
  • New continuous beam command
  • Start point of second segment equals end point from previous segment

Model review workflow:
  • New Approval status
  • New object property for assemblies
  • Also available for automatic connections
  • Status associated to colours
  • Customizable approval status

New modelling tools:
  • Galvanizing information
  • Three new drop down lists
  • Available on assembly level

Fabrication data:
  • New fabrication information
  • Information available for drawings
  • Extended to exchange through the API

New modelling tools:
  • New model check dialog
  • Audit & technical checking results in a notification dialog
  • Fix all or selected issues option
  • Search for checking results
  • Better detection of issues on plates and folded plates

Enhanced modelling tools:
  • Search filter improvements
  • Assign colour to search result
  • Multiple selection for drop down lists
  • New object properties are available
  • Enhanced model view at grid line
  • Customizable custom connection library path
  • Multi-edit modification for shear studs
  • Hole settings (automatic connections) can be accessed

Enhanced steel connections:
  • Moment connection new options:
  • Stiffener gap
  • Stiffener weld preparation
  • Stiffener chamfer contour
  • Web doubler weld preparation

Versatile Numbering  & CNC data enhancements:
  • New numbering options
  • Flexible format definition
  • Additional tokens available
  • Preliminary number token
  • Available for NC-file name
  • Can be used for scribing

Enhanced weld symbols:
  • Additional weld properties
  • Configurable in a DWG file
  • Colour definition from file
  • Line & text styles from file
  • Flexible combinations

New detailing functionality:
  • Labels in dimension lines
  • Definition per dimension line
  • Different placing options
  • Huge set of available tokens
  • Manual editing possible
  • Overwrite dimension
  • Dimension prefix or suffix

Enhanced dimension functionality:
  • Single dimension line command
  • Vertical and horizontal in one command
  • Works like the AutoCAD dimension line command

New detailing functionality:
  • BOM on general arrangement drawings
  • Can be included in prototype
  • Can be added manually afterwards
  • Based on new filtering mechanism

BOM per detail:
  • Get a BOM per detail on a drawing
  • New detailing functionality
  • New BOM filters
  • Based on search filter
  • Saved filters can be reused
  • Multiple selection on drop down lists e.g. model roles

Drawings review workflow:
  • New Approval status
  • Available in the Document Manager for:
  • Shop drawings
  • General arrangement drawings
  • Status associated to colours
  • Customizable approval status

Enhanced detailing functionality:
  • Use Document Manager to rename drawings
  • Get tick removed from running dimensions
  • Better automatic slope triangle placement
  • Display AutoCAD® entities in camera views
  • Treat standalone plates and beams differently in processes
  • Anchors can be labelled manually
  • Grid dimensioning enhancements:
  • Dimensions placed between the grid line extensions
  • Reference dimension to grid lines is split per grid line

Improved exchange formats:
  • Advance Steel 2016 Extension for Autodesk Revit
  • File extension renamed
  • F1 – Help available
  • Compliant only with Revit 2016
  • Revit 2016 interoperability

Column transfer enhancements:
  • Correct orientation
  • Improved slanted column transfer
  • New mapping system (sections & materials)
  • Plate import/export and synchronization
  • Synchronization dialog enhancements:
  • Position & offsets changes now
  • Beam & column rotations

See the link below for videos of the new features and functionality

Please Contact for additional information or details.