Monday, 16 April 2012

Intergraph CADWorx 2013 Plant Professional Release

Intergraph CADWorx 2013 is the latest release of Intergraph’s popular AutoCAD-based, intelligent 3D plant design and modeling solution. 

With enhanced features such as

Improved Routing. 

The all new enhanced pipe routing capabilities, drastically cut down the time it takes to model your piping systems. The self-aware components are aware of the relationship they have with connecting components allowing for quick insertion saving the user even more time that can be better spent else where.

Quicker Modifications.

Modifications with CADWorx 2013 are a breeze! Without using the stretch command you can now grab a segment of a pipe run and drag it to a new location, and all of the components in that section of line move with it. 

Move Items effortlessly with ‘Drag-lock’ 

The even more, intelligent CADWorx Piping components are now aware of the relationship shared with other connected CADWorx Piping components. The exclusive ‘drag-lock’ feature allows you to drag a valves and other components past any other in-line component, even through elbows and changes of direction. With drag-lock you don’t even have to change your UCS. Even the flanges, gaskets and bolts come along for the ride!

Better ‘Cats’ and ‘Specs’  

The new catalog and specification editor allows for efficient and structured creation and control of company and project piping specifications. These tools also make it easier to include or save specifications (specs) with a project upon completion or hand over.

Change Size  

You no longer have to redraw a line because it has changed size. A couple of clicks and the routine starts its magic. Because changes are not made arbitrarily, if a proposed change creates multiple options, CADWorx 2013 seeks advice from the best mind it knows -- YOURS -- to make the final decision.

Change Specs

CADWorx 2013 now allows users to change the piping spec of any pipe line at any time. With this capability, items in the old spec are referenced and exchanged for new items in the substituted spec. Items stay connected throughout the process, eliminating connectivity problems and the need to redraw!

Rules Based Piping

CADWorx 2013 now has the ability to build optional piping rules into the design process. Though powerful, these rules also allow the designer to override them in special cases. This vastly improves the overall design integrity by allowing companies to apply design standards that control how the system is built but also allows the flexibility needed to produce the best possible design in the shortest possible time. 

Piping Branch Tables

Intuitive pipe branch table creation introduces the special ability to quickly add branch rules to piping specifications. This eliminates the guesswork in these connections and enables designs to conform to company or project standards.

Intelligent Assemblies

This latest release adds the ability to develop and save assemblies of intelligent CADWorx components. These assemblies can be built from any combination of components, saved and then reused parametrically in the future. Users can build a library of standard assemblies that can then be reused by any project member. This saves a great deal of time and money while boosting accuracy through standards.

CADWorx 2013 Overview Webinar

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