Friday, 7 June 2013

Advance Steel Drawing Process Suites

In Advance Steel Drawing Styles can easily be grouped into Drawing Processes by using the Drawing Process Manager. This enables Users to run multiple Drawing Styles at the same time while also having control and allowing for the automation of Drawing Names, Template (Prototype) Size, Scales and Number of Items to be placed on each Sheet.

Advance Steel has also allowed these Drawing Processes to be grouped into a Drawing Process Suite that will enable a User to run different Drawing Process simultaneously. All the rules of the Drawing Processes are still followed however this allows the User to generate all Single Part and Assembly drawings for the entire model, in the click of a button. 

Once Drawing Processes have been set up, grouping them into a Drawing Process Suite is a simple task that will save all Advance Steel Users a substantial amount of time.

Please follow the link below to download a PDF instructing Users on how to set up a Drawing Process Suite in Advance Steel 2013.

How to Use Multiple Drawing Processes Simultaneously FAQ.pdf

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