Thursday, 30 May 2013

CADWorx User Shapes

The CADWorx Specification Editor has a wide and comprehensive range of general component types that can be added to Piping Specifications in CADWorx 2013. However, in selected industries, there will always be different component shapes that surface making it impossible to account for every shape in Specification Editor.

CADWorx overcame this problem a while ago, by allowing Users to model User Component Shapes out of AutoCAD 3D Solids and adding these to the Specification Editor. Adding these User Component Shapes to the Specification Editor gives these components the same intelligence as a normal CADWorx Component and even allows the User to define an Isogen SKEY that will generate User Defined or Standard Isogen Symbol for this component.

The CADWorx 2013 Specification Editor has made the process of adding User Component Shapes to a Specification, much easier than in previous versions and even allows for additional information to specified such as Component End Types.   

Please follow the link below to download a detailed PDF instructing Users on how to add User Shapes to a CADWorx 2013 Specification

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