Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Importing a Prokon CIS/2 File into Advance Steel 2011

Advance Steel 2011 has the ability to import the universal steel CIS/2 (*stp) format file. This format of file can be exported from many different programs such as Prokon, however with that said in order for Advance Steel to import the Prokon file successfully, a few manual modifications need to be made to the CIS/2 (*stp) file.

Once a (*stp) file has been exported by Prokon, trying to import it will result in the following error message.

To ensure that Advance Steel imports the file correctly double click on the (*stp) file as seen below.

In order to edit this (*stp) file, it needs to be opened using Notepad as seen below.


The symbols that are causing the conflict now need to be corrected. There are three "$" signs in the "Header" section of the (*stp) file that need to be modified as seen below.


These symbols are missing a few symbols and need to be edited to reflect ('$') for each symbol. Once completed the (*stp) file should be modified as seen below.

Close and save the (*stp) file. Use the "Import CIS/2" command in Advance Steel 2011 to import the modified (*stp) file


In the "Used Application" dialogue box select "Advance Steel" and click "OK.


 In the "Section Conversion" the user will now need to map Prokon sections to Advance Steel sections. This will only need to be done once for each type of section. Advance Steel 2011 will store the mapping settings in the GTCMapping2011.mdb database file and automatically use these settings to map the same sections in future.


Once mapped correctly the Prokon CIS/2 (*stp) file will be imported successfully.

Should you have any further queries or require any further information regarding this please contact nmichel@chempute.com