Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Creating a User Defined Isogen Isometric Symbol (SKEY)

When using CADWorx Plant Professional with Isogen to generate Isometric Drawings, SKEY's can be used to change the Symbol automatically generated for a specific Component, on an Isometric Drawing. The SKEY document (PDF) contains a substantial amount of different Stock Standard Symbol options made available to users for their Isometric Drawings.

There may come a time however, where these Stock Standard Isogen Symbols cannot accommodate for a particular scenario. 

In this case, using the Isogen Symbols Editor (Version 2) is a simple method of creating User Defined Symbols (SKEYS) which can be used in conjunction with CADWorx Plant User Shapes or even replace the general symbols used for standard CADWorx Plant components..

These User Defined Symbols can quickly and easily be assigned to components already inserted into a model and can even be assigned to components in Project Specifications, ensuring that the User Defined Symbol (SKEY) is generated whenever the relevant component is used and exported to Isogen.

For instructions on how to create and assign a User Defined Symbol (SKEY) to a CADWorx Plant Professional component, please click on the link below.

Should you have any questions regarding this, please contact nmichel@chempute.com