Wednesday, 20 July 2016

End of Sale of Autodesk Perpetual Licenses and Design & Creation Suites

As previously announced, Autodesk will be discontinuing the sales of perpetual licenses for a number of individual products on 31st July 2016. Autodesk will also be discontinuing Design & Creation Suites, in addition to this.

A complete list of the products and suites that will be affected can be seen by following the link below.

Discontinued Perpetual Licenses and Suites List

Customers will no longer be able to convert a standalone perpetual license to a shared network license, or cross-grade to other perpetual licenses for products that are no longer offered.

Customers who have a current Perpetual License Maintenance Plan, will still have the option to continue renewing this, as long as the Maintenance Plan is never allowed to expire.

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