Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Adding Custom Top Works to a CADWorx Specification

CADWorx Specifications come with a number of different options that allow users to add Top Works or Valve Operators to a CADWorx Specification. The general types of Top Works include Actuators, Gears, Levers and Wheels. There may come a time however when Users wish to add unique, non-standard Top Works to their CADWorx Specifications. 

These are called "Custom Top Works and are modeled using AutoCAD Solids and saved in a native AutoCAD (*.dwg) format. This (AutoCAD (*.dwg) files can then be referenced into CADWorx Specifications giving them the same intelligence as the standard CADWorx Top Works Components.

For instructions on how to add User Defined Custom Top Works to a CADWorx Specification, please follow the link below.

Adding Custom Top Works to a CADWorx Specification.pdf 

For any further information, please contact nmichel@chempute.com

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