Thursday, 24 November 2011

Specifying Field Welds on Isometrics in CADWorx Plant Professional

Often an End User may be required to show Field Welds on Final Isometrics. This can easily achieved by placing a standard 3mm Weldgap from the Specview palette or toolbar and then changing the "BOM Item Type" to "Erection" or "Misc" in the "Component Edit" dialogue box.

Using this method the Weldgap will shorten the piping component. All Field Welds will then need to be manually edited with the correct "BOM Item Type" to produce the following Isogen Field Weld Symbols. 

This method may not be desirable and a more automated and productive alternative would be to place the Field Welds directly into the Specification, allowing Users to place Field Welds directly from the Specview Palette when required.

Once the Weld has been copied or created. A separate Weldgap Data File will be created and added to the specification. Adding zero length Weldgaps for all sizes can easily be accomplished by making the thickness "0.0" in the data file. The notepad "Replace" menu can be used to quickly change all weld thicknesses to "0.0". 

The "BOM Item Type" setting now needs to be changed in the Specification. 

This will produce desired results in the isometric every time this weld is placed.


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