Monday, 7 October 2013

Advance Steel 2014 Release

Advance Steel 2014 was recently released hosting an entirely new set of features, to ensure that productivity when Modelling and Detailing, is always improved when using Advance Steel. 

A brief description of some of these new features that are being shipped with Advance Steel 2014 are listed below.

New Views and Visual Style Access Utility

This allows users to change Views and Visual Styles while modelling, without having to switch back to the "View" ribbon.

Tool Palettes can be Customized

Tool Palette Icons can now be removed and added to allow Users to customize their very own Tool Palettes with favorite Advance Steel tools.

Tool Palette Theme Settings
Tool Palettes themes can now be configured and customized. Background colors, Icon Sizes, Item Opacity and more can now be customized to meet Use Preference.

Clash Check Palette
Clash Checking results are now listed on the Clash Check Palette, with added tools to assist with Searching for Clashes, Zooming to Clashes, Removing Clash Markings, etc. Clashes are removed from the Clash Check Palette when resolved.

Steel Check Palette

Steel Construction Technical Checking results are now listed on the Steel Check Palette and as with the Clash Check Palette are also removed from this Palette once resolved.

Connection Vault Palette
The Advance Steel Intelligent Connection Vault is now a live Palette which can be kept open while modelling, allowing Users to add connections to their models without the interruption of opening a separate Connection Vault dialogue. Commonly used connections can also be added to a Favorites tab, giving Users quick access to their preferred connections.

Building Generator Palette
Macros (Wizards) such as the Portal Frames Macro, Bracing Macro, Purlins Macro, etc can now be accessed from the Building Generator Palette.

Weld Preparation (Bevel Cuts) for Beams

The Weld Preparation commands can now be used on the all beam corners to create Bevel Cuts for beams.

Edge Features Display Type for Beams

A new Exact with Edge Features display type has been added for beams, allowing Users to display exact corner finishes on beams.

Improved Taper Beam Macro

The Tapered beam Macro has been improved to include options such as Segments for defining more complex Tapered Beam types.

For a more detailed look into the new features of Advance Steel 2014, please follow the link below.

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