Monday, 9 May 2016

Advance Steel Technical Checking Tolerances

Along with a Clash Check utility, Advance Steel Premium has an additional model validation tool that allows users to check if Bolts/Holes are too close to an objects edge or too close to each other. This assists the User in avoiding Tearout Stress later on site.

These minimum and maximum distances can often be slightly different from country to country and can even very from project to project as well. Advance Steel allows Users to completely control the tolerances for Technical Checking, ensuring that this utility validates the model as per a User's company preference.

The following tolerances can be configured for the Technical Checking utility:

  • Edge Distances in X Orientation.
  • Edge Distances in Y Orientation.
  • Maximum Edge Distance for Holes.
  • Maximum Intermediate Distance for Holes.
  • Minimum Edge Distance Factor for Holes.
  • Minimum Intermediate Distance Factor for Holes.
  • Maximum Edge Distance for Holes.
  • Minimum Edge Distance Factor for Holes.

Please follow the link below to download a PDF Tutorial on how to configure these tolerances in Management Tools

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