Monday, 13 October 2014

Configuring CADWorx P&ID Grips

The AutoCAD Grips System Variable controls the display of grips on selected objects. The default setting for most AutoCAD installations defaults to "1", however changing this value to "2"  provides additional midpoint grips for Polyline segments. 

Because CADWorx P&ID uses the Polyline objects for process lines, CADWorx P&ID Users can use this setting to their advantage for some productivity gains.

In the example P&ID below, the Vessel "V-100" needed to be re-positioned to make allowance for an information label placed directly above the vessel component. This resulted in the process line becoming detached from the Vessel object.

With the Grips Settings Variable set to "2", to reattach the process line can be done by purely using grips making this a lot quicker than using the stretch command.

Another similar scenario would be having to modify the coolant inlet line to a Heat Exchanger as seen below.

There are a couple of limitations to be aware of. For example, line breaks will not follow any repositioned process lines. In such a scenario the stretch command would be a more suitable workflow.

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