Monday, 16 June 2014

Reviewing Advance Steel Models with Autodesk Design review

Advance Steel Users and their customers can collaborate intelligent design information by exporting Advance Steel Models to an external Design Web Format (*.dwf) review file. Autodesk Design Review for Windows and the AutoCAD 360 Mobile Applications for Mobile Phones and Tablets, are free downloads that are available from the Autodesk website and can be used to view model object intelligence, review and markup Advance Steel Models using this Design Web Format (*.dwf) file.

Once models have been reviewed, all Markups can be saved back into the Design Web Format (*.dwf) file and sent back to the Designer or Detailer, who can then use this information to modify the Advance Steel Model.

For detailed instructions on this simplified process please download the PDF using the link below.

for more information please contact

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