Friday, 30 August 2013

CADWorx 2014 Release

CADWorx 2014 was recently released hosting an entirely new set of features as well as enhancing some of the existing features, to ensure that productivity is always improved when using CADWorx. Installation DVD’shave already begun to ship and Users who are current with Maintenance can request their Updates from their local reseller.

Some of the many new features shipped with CADWorx 2014 are listed below.

Dynamic 3D Pipe Supports
Changes to Pipe Sizes or will now automatically adjust the relevant Support Sizes.

Grips on Tees to convert to Crosses
A new grip has been added to Tee Components, allowing users to convert Tees into Crosses while modelling.

Grips on Reducers for Tapped Components
A new grip has been added to Reducers, allowing Users to create a tapped connection while modelling.

Center of Gravity Dialogue
Manually combining the Center of gravity individual component types can be tedius and painstaking. This menu allows Users to calculate the center of gravity for all components in the Model. 

Enhanced Gasket, Bolt, and Weld appearances
Gasket, Bolt and Weld appearances have been enhanced to give a more realistic presentation within the model.

Custom Data Creation and Isolation Options
Custom Data fields and values can now be quickly added to the Specification Data Tables allowing Users to Isolate by Custom Data from the Line View Palette.

Pipe Supports in Specification Catalogs
3D Supports including new Tee Supports, are now based in the Specification Catalogs making it easier to  manage pipe supports. Legacy Supports modified and created using older versions of CADWorx Plant Professional can also be imported meaning existing libraries do not need to be recreated.  

Importing and Exporting Description formats
Description formats can now be Exported and Imported from one specification to another ensuring that all Description Formats are consistent and Company standards are kept on all projects.

Import of Smart Plant Reference Data specifications
Smart Plant Reference Data can now be imported into CADWorx Specifications. 

Users current with Maintenance, Updates and Technical Support (MUS) who would like to make use of this version please contact

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