Friday, 19 June 2015

Advance Steel 2016 released.

Advance Steel Premium version 2016 was released during April this year. A large amount of development has gone into this new version with a host of new features and functionality.

Overall summary:
  • AutoCAD 2016 compliancy
  • Countryfication for US & AUS/NZ
  • User interface
  • Modelling improvements
  • Scalability & Performance
  • Welds
  • Numbering
  • Detailing improvements
  • Exchange formats

Local content (Australia / New Zealand - English AUS):
  • Updated global defaults
  • New flat sections and mapping
  • Drawing styles regrouped by categories

New ready-to-use templates for:
  • Shop drawings
  • General arrangement drawings
  • New connection library defaults

Local content (United States - English US):
  • Updated defaults
  • New AISC & CISC sections
  • Improved & new BOM templates
  • Drawing styles regrouped by categories
  • New general arrangement drawing presentations
  • Better dimensions & labels

Enhanced User Interface:
  • New icon standard
  • Corresponding to Autodesk standard
  • User Interface & tool palette
  • Connection vault
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Looks like tool palette
  • Split in three categories
  • Drawing styles
  • Drawing process
  • BOM templates
  • Magnetism to connect palettes
  • Double click to open & close palettes

Scalability & Performance:
  • New work area concept
  • Display selected elements
  • User-defined work area
  • Outside objects displayed with lower LOD
  • Default for small elements

Model views display enhanced performances:
  • New modelling tools
  • Continuous beam creation
  • Beam creation continuous command
  • Column creation continuous command
  • Multi-edit modification once Esc
  • New continuous beam command
  • Start point of second segment equals end point from previous segment

Model review workflow:
  • New Approval status
  • New object property for assemblies
  • Also available for automatic connections
  • Status associated to colours
  • Customizable approval status

New modelling tools:
  • Galvanizing information
  • Three new drop down lists
  • Available on assembly level

Fabrication data:
  • New fabrication information
  • Information available for drawings
  • Extended to exchange through the API

New modelling tools:
  • New model check dialog
  • Audit & technical checking results in a notification dialog
  • Fix all or selected issues option
  • Search for checking results
  • Better detection of issues on plates and folded plates

Enhanced modelling tools:
  • Search filter improvements
  • Assign colour to search result
  • Multiple selection for drop down lists
  • New object properties are available
  • Enhanced model view at grid line
  • Customizable custom connection library path
  • Multi-edit modification for shear studs
  • Hole settings (automatic connections) can be accessed

Enhanced steel connections:
  • Moment connection new options:
  • Stiffener gap
  • Stiffener weld preparation
  • Stiffener chamfer contour
  • Web doubler weld preparation

Versatile Numbering  & CNC data enhancements:
  • New numbering options
  • Flexible format definition
  • Additional tokens available
  • Preliminary number token
  • Available for NC-file name
  • Can be used for scribing

Enhanced weld symbols:
  • Additional weld properties
  • Configurable in a DWG file
  • Colour definition from file
  • Line & text styles from file
  • Flexible combinations

New detailing functionality:
  • Labels in dimension lines
  • Definition per dimension line
  • Different placing options
  • Huge set of available tokens
  • Manual editing possible
  • Overwrite dimension
  • Dimension prefix or suffix

Enhanced dimension functionality:
  • Single dimension line command
  • Vertical and horizontal in one command
  • Works like the AutoCAD dimension line command

New detailing functionality:
  • BOM on general arrangement drawings
  • Can be included in prototype
  • Can be added manually afterwards
  • Based on new filtering mechanism

BOM per detail:
  • Get a BOM per detail on a drawing
  • New detailing functionality
  • New BOM filters
  • Based on search filter
  • Saved filters can be reused
  • Multiple selection on drop down lists e.g. model roles

Drawings review workflow:
  • New Approval status
  • Available in the Document Manager for:
  • Shop drawings
  • General arrangement drawings
  • Status associated to colours
  • Customizable approval status

Enhanced detailing functionality:
  • Use Document Manager to rename drawings
  • Get tick removed from running dimensions
  • Better automatic slope triangle placement
  • Display AutoCAD® entities in camera views
  • Treat standalone plates and beams differently in processes
  • Anchors can be labelled manually
  • Grid dimensioning enhancements:
  • Dimensions placed between the grid line extensions
  • Reference dimension to grid lines is split per grid line

Improved exchange formats:
  • Advance Steel 2016 Extension for Autodesk Revit
  • File extension renamed
  • F1 – Help available
  • Compliant only with Revit 2016
  • Revit 2016 interoperability

Column transfer enhancements:
  • Correct orientation
  • Improved slanted column transfer
  • New mapping system (sections & materials)
  • Plate import/export and synchronization
  • Synchronization dialog enhancements:
  • Position & offsets changes now
  • Beam & column rotations

See the link below for videos of the new features and functionality

Please Contact for additional information or details.

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