Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Custom Connections in Advance Steel 2013

Experienced and new Advance Steel Users, are aware of the raw power and intuition of Advance Steel's extensive Intelligent Connection Vault. In the past, unique Connection types that were unavailable in the Intelligent Connection Vault, had to be modeled manually. Remodeling these manual connection types could be a very time consuming and tedious task.

Graitec have made Modeling that much faster, by making the need to manually repeat modelling of these unique Connections, obsolete. The new Custom Connection feature, added to Advance Steel 2013, allows Users to save their User Defined Connections to a new Custom Connection Vault. This User Defined Connection can then be reused on similar connection scenarios automatically. Automated Macros will even update when used on Connection Points with different Section sizes.

Chempute Software have created a tutorial on how to create and utilize User Defined Connections using the Custom Connection Vault. Please follow the link below to view this tutorial.

How to Create and Use Custom or User Defined Connections FAQ.pdf

Should you require any further information please contact nmichel@chempute.com

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