Thursday, 29 November 2012

Creating CADWorx 2013 Specifications

Thanks to the new CADWorx  2013 Specification editor,  routing with CADWorx 2013 self-aware component types is a breeze, while maintaining complete accuracy and even including enhanced data, such as Wall Thicknesses, Bolt Holes and Raised Faces on Flanges.

In a previous post, we covered importing already built Specifications into the new Specification Editor, from older, legacy versions of CADWorx. However, is it possible to build entirely new specifications in CADWorx 2013 and if so how complicated and daunting can this procedure be?

Chempute Software have once again developed a short set of PDF instructions that guide you through the entire procedure of how to add component data into the Spec Editor from beginning to end.

Not only has understanding the new Spec Editor been made easy, but also these instructions dive into some of the new options available for creating a more versatile and of course accurate set of Specification Catalogs and Projects.

To download the PDF instructions on how to create Specifications using the CADWorx 2013 Specification Editor please follow the link below

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